Email delay (receiving/respond)

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed a significant delay for delivering notifications by mail and the processing of responds by mail, while using a GMail account.

Are you aware of this? Is there any way to improve the situation?

A round trip of getting a notification after a new post to having the respond show up in the forum is currently like 20 Minutes. :confused:

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We’re using discourse’s hosting so I’m really not sure. I’m not seeing anything in the logs.

FWIW, this seems to be a bit variable - usually quite speedy but with sporadic exceptions.

Then it might be grey listing on both mailservers, this would explain that it sometimes works and sometimes not.

I’ve checked the SPF-Records and they use an outdated ptr lookup tag in them.

This might be the reason for the greylisting on Google’s side. Can you ask them about that?

If they use generally greylisting before accepting, without a database, it could also explain the latency. Can you ask them if they can check their settings on the receiving mailserver? They might want to make exceptions when the SPF record of a sending domain matches the IP.

Looking at the settings, there’s a 10 minute delay before sending out any notifications (to give users a chance to edit/delete before notifying).

For most use-cases, 20 minutes is “good enough”. Unless we start dropping messages, it’s not really worth looking into.

Of course, you’re free to ask about this on But this isn’t likely going to be a quick fix.

Oh interesting, haven’t thought about that.

10 Minutes on the other hand is quite high, would you mind to lower it to say 2 minutes or so? Should be enough to fix a possible typo. Discussions with such a high delay feel quite tough.

With the additional time to write a message, we’re at like 50-60 minutes just to send a message, receive a response and respond to it, before the other end has read it

Which is especially problematic the two persons are in completely different time zones. :thinking:

Thanks for looking into it!

You’re right, 2 minutes is probably plenty. I’ve switched it to 2 minutes.

Actually worked already for your answer, thanks for fixing :slight_smile:

there is also an invalid entry in the SPF record (ipv6 range without “ip6:” prefix). spf validators hate this. [Admin note: reported in other thread. Being addressed].