TEMPORAL Beta Release #3 - Encrypted IPFS Uploads And More

Hey all! We just recently published a new release of the core TEMPORAL code base. This update includes the ability to encrypt files before they are stored on IPFS. We’ve also done a major over-haul to the web interface, which now includes streamlined IPNS record management.

Code Base Release:
Release Beta Release #3 · RTradeLtd/Temporal · GitHub>
Web Interface:

Currently encrypted uploads are only supported via the API, however support for encrypted uploads via the web interface is on the way! The beta is entirely free to use until it is over, which currently is slated for December 31st 2018.

TEMPORAL is the most advanced IPFS web application out there, don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself. Featuring IPFS key management, IPNS record management, private IPFS networks, and more. TEMPORAL is hosted in our very own data-center, NOT in the cloud :slight_smile:

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