TiddyWiki with Ipfs

Dear friends,

I would like to let you know the availability of TiddlyWiki with Ipfs.

This plugin let you store on Ipfs your wikis and their attachments.

Attachments could be embedded of stored externally on Ipfs.

As you may know TiddlyWiki offers a feature who let you encrypt your wikis.

The TiddlyWiki with Ipfs gives you an opportunity to encrypt your attachments.

The plugin is based on ipfs-provider who offers several ways to connect to Ipfs.

  • WebExtension
    Not tested yet
  • Ipfs Companion
  • Ipfs Http client

The default is to use the Infura server as your default Ipfs Api Url.

However It is a slow server and I recommend to either use Ipfs Desktop or run a local Ipfs server to enjoy a better experience.

The tool support :

  • ipfs
  • ipns

The demo page, tiddly.bluelightav.eth.link is also reachable @ tiddly.bluelightav.eth as we are using ENS Manager to manage our DNS.




awsome works ! maybe you can add that into https://github.com/ipfs/awesome-ipfs


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Really cool @xmaysonnave! Great work! Do you happen to have a recorded video demo of it working?

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@daviddias Thanks for your support.
I don’t have any videos however I’m preparing a tutorial who will be available in the Tiddly I deployed over ENS/IPFS. https://tiddly.bluelightav.eth.link or https://tiddly.bluelightav.eth with Metamask.

@josselinchevalay, Thanks for your pointer.
I’ll add it.