How we succeed making IPFS "Private Virtual Swarms" easy to deploy and use (by almost anyone)?

As many of you, I am dreaming of a decentralized web, easy to deploy, connect and use.

But i am frustrated that many DApp ( are using Bitcoin or Ethereum mainstream blockchains. I dislike those because they are not respecting the “Relative Theory of Money” and won’t establish any equity.

Let me relate 5 years on making “Web3 experiments in P2P decentralized environment” stable.

The first “good idea” was to get IPFS nodes linked to a “Scuttlebutt ID” and replicate IPFS content following SSB protocol rules. This “crypto key conversion” adds a “Web of Trust” (PKI) which is used to control “who replicates with who”

This approach was successful… But

But Patchwork, Manyverse or any SSB application have a serious issue.
The unforgeable append-only message feeds is getting bigger and bigger so that making new friend could lead to a massive data replication. This is making new comers reticent to connect because of the “unpredictable time to load”. The sum of “max 8MB” makes GiGs of data you don’t even consult, and you’d like to sort or delete.

So the second rewriting abandoned SSB and obtain “friend relationship” through GChange (our Ğ1 community market portal). To replace SSB application, KODI was adapted to stream shared “movies”

Again data was replicating well between nodes… But there were no distinction between nodes and users as they share the same key. So last year a new rewriting introduced “PLAYER” keys (splitting network layer from user data storage)

The second main change was the about the default App. Now we choose TiddlyWiki and Tiddlers to reference user data recorded into IPFS. “TW” solves SSB database problem…

One TW is now able to move from Stations to Stations, and contains derivated keys that collide and lead to merge proposal of Tiddlers… Every day (20H12) the station you delegate your key on will create new json’s from your TW and those of your friends. A structure that could serve as visual “Universal DApp Data Storage and Sharing Engine” (a Db that is Not gunDB)

We call it “Internet of People”.
A “meta swarm” with changing rules

One main difference, compared to “Filecoin approach” is that nodes are run by free individuals with high speed connection at home (fiber is almost everywhere in France), each one is hosting his own data and PIN IPFS data referred in friends collected tiddlers (he signs) meanwhile it sends one Ğ1 to each signature attached to tiddler…

Our OpenCollective is collecting funds to “pay back hosting costs” to each one of participating member hosting :heart:BOX and needing or willing to reduce their Internet costs.

I know that many are connected to mainstream “dept money issued or related” blockchains… But consider my message coming from outer space… A future where money is free. If you people wish to disrupt the game… Feel free to contact

UPlanet is the next thing

It consists of a subdivision of our planet in 0.01° sector. This creating a keys mesh over the spherical surface, it brings an “allocation table” to “IPFS drive” with data (geo)localized data clusters.

Anyone can activate a TiddlyWiki in his area.
Then everyday, data is collected to fill up a readonly TW (+ corresponding tag keywords rss and json exports) at each 0.1° sectors, then 1° level to 10° full map. This way, information is collected from the ground and up streamed to next level. Tiddlers titles have to be unique, and users are warned in case of merge collision, and agree for same last version or fork.

Map of the Astroport IPFS drive 10° cells

Astroport live TestNet is up but early stage.
Still needs debug and optimization of data keys sharing and synchronization protocol…
Contact for a ride into the wild :wink: