Type of protocols IPFS is using in clustered environment

Hi There!

I would like to ask about type of protocols IPFS is using in clustered environment?

I specifically would like to learn the stack of the protocols (if possible) starting from IP->TCP->etc.

I got warning from independent Security Expert regarding my project. He stated that China will not allow the use of IPFS and will block the protocols on which it is based(BitSwap, DST, etc…)

But on practice its working. I have a couple nodes in my network from Alibaba Cloud in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

So now I wanna figure out this and get list of all protocols utilizing by IPFS.

The list of protocols isn’t stabilized yet from what I can tell (e.g., support for QUIC is in progress), so the ones in use now might not be the same as the ones in 1.0 (whenever that happens).

How does compiling a list of protocols used by IPFS help your use case?