Unable to fetch any CID from custom node

Hello IPFS community,

I am running a service that consumes high amount of data from IPFS (18TB per month). As it gets quite expensive to load such amount of data with an external provider, I want to host a node of my own.

I have deployed a custom IPFS node on AWS using k8s, I have used the requests-ipfs Helm chart.

I was able to successfully start the node and I have been able to pin a content to the node and than retrieve it. However I am unable to download any CID not present on the node itself - the command hangs indefinitely.

Going through the list of suggested commands in the IPFS documentation I can see that I am connected to some peers

$ ipfs swarm peers


however I am not able to connect to the specified peer

$ ipfs swarm connect 

Error: connect QmNnooDu7bfjPFoTZYxMNLWUQJyrVwtbZg5gBMjTezGAJN failure: failed to dial QmNnooDu7bfjPFoTZYxMNLWUQJyrVwtbZg5gBMjTezGAJN:
  * [/ip6/2604:1380:45e3:6e00::1/tcp/443/wss] failed to WebSocket dial: failed to send handshake request: Get "https://[2604:1380:45e3:6e00::1]:443": dial tcp [2604:1380:45e3:6e00::1]:443: connect: cannot assign requested address
  * [/ip6/2604:1380:45e3:6e00::1/tcp/4001] dial tcp6 [2604:1380:45e3:6e00::1]:4001: connect: cannot assign requested address
  * [/ip4/] failed to negotiate security protocol: privnet: could not read full nonce
  * [/ip4/] failed to WebSocket dial: failed to send handshake request: Get "": x509: cannot validate certificate for because it doesn't contain any IP SANs

nor am I able to find route to a peer

$ ipfs dht findpeer QmNnooDu7bfjPFoTZYxMNLWUQJyrVwtbZg5gBMjTezGAJN
Error: routing: not found

Do you have any suggestion, what might be the issue?

This is my IPFS version

$ ipfs --version
ipfs version 0.21.0-dev

Here is my config

  "API": {
    "HTTPHeaders": {
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [
  "Addresses": {
    "API": "/ip4/",
    "Announce": [],
    "Gateway": "/ip4/",
    "NoAnnounce": [],
    "Swarm": [
  "Bootstrap": [
  "Datastore": {
    "BloomFilterSize": 0,
    "GCPeriod": "1h",
    "HashOnRead": false,
    "Spec": {
      "mounts": [
          "child": {
            "path": "blocks",
            "shardFunc": "/repo/flatfs/shard/v1/next-to-last/2",
            "sync": true,
            "type": "flatfs"
          "mountpoint": "/blocks",
          "prefix": "flatfs.datastore",
          "type": "measure"
          "child": {
            "compression": "none",
            "path": "datastore",
            "type": "levelds"
          "mountpoint": "/",
          "prefix": "leveldb.datastore",
          "type": "measure"
      "type": "mount"
    "StorageGCWatermark": 90,
    "StorageMax": "10GB"
  "Discovery": {
    "MDNS": {
      "Enabled": false,
      "Interval": 10
  "Experimental": {
    "FilestoreEnabled": false,
    "Libp2pStreamMounting": false,
    "P2pHttpProxy": false,
    "PreferTLS": false,
    "QUIC": true,
    "ShardingEnabled": false,
    "UrlstoreEnabled": false
  "Gateway": {
    "APICommands": [],
    "HTTPHeaders": {
      "Access-Control-Allow-Headers": [
      "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [
    "NoFetch": false,
    "PathPrefixes": [],
    "RootRedirect": "",
    "Writable": false
  "Identity": {
    "PeerID": "QmW9KeYYf9xCq6KRiuLY6FqNCiQrFrEoJJ8rgCr2or4yd1"
  "Ipns": {
    "RecordLifetime": "",
    "RepublishPeriod": "",
    "ResolveCacheSize": 128
  "Mounts": {
    "FuseAllowOther": false,
    "IPFS": "/ipfs",
    "IPNS": "/ipns"
  "Pubsub": {
    "DisableSigning": false,
    "Router": "",
    "StrictSignatureVerification": false
  "Reprovider": {},
  "Routing": {
    "Type": "dht"
  "Swarm": {
    "AddrFilters": null,
    "ConnMgr": {
      "GracePeriod": "20s",
      "HighWater": 1000,
      "LowWater": 50,
      "Type": "basic"
    "DisableBandwidthMetrics": true,
    "DisableNatPortMap": false,
    "DisableRelay": false,
    "EnableAutoNATService": false,
    "EnableAutoRelay": false,
    "EnableRelayHop": false
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I’m not sure I can help with your problem but I’m surprised no one has asked, what are you doing with IPFS where you’re downloading 18TB/mo?