Unable to install IPFS

I am trying to install ipfs in windows machine using go-ipfs_v0.4.20
I followed the first step
ipfs init
it is throwing an error
Error: seek C:\Users***.ipfs\datastore\LOG: The system cannot find the file specified.

Can you confirm that executing ipfs version on command line outputs the version of ipfs installed?

Does the user you’re running the ipfs init command as have read and write permissions to the C:\Users\***\ directory?

Are there any other errors leading up to the seek error?

Yes the user has permission for C drive.

Can you post the full output from the ipfs init command?

Do you see any files in the C:\Users\***\.ipfs directory?

What happens if you try to run the following commands from cmd?

> type nul >> C:\Users\***\.ipfs\test
> type C:\Users\***\.ipfs\test

Please let me know where I am missing out.

I don’t know what’s going on with your setup as I’m unable to recreate the error you’re encountering.

It might be worth trying a different drive by changing the IPFS_PATH environment variable to use a path on a different drive.

It’s also possible that the error is somehow benign since your screenshot shows files in the directory, so it’s possible that ipfs daemon will succeed. But I suspect something might have messed up the permissions for the .ipfs directory.

@Bhavani could you see if installing Orion is affected as well? Can you use IPFS via Orion?