Unable to replicate data in IPFS-CORE

I am unable to replicate Orbit-DB data across different peers. I am using IPFS-CORE and have my application open in two different browsers but the data that is created in one browser is not showing up in another browser.

This is my code:

I am using “ipfs-core”: “^0.14.1”

When I print the peers in my swarm I’m getting an empty list which shouldn’t be the case. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in solving this!

So it isn’t printing the same list of peers in the ‘other browser’ which means different physical machine, virtual machine or chromium vs Firefox/gecko on same machine with same IP address? Different sessions ? Maybe it actually needs to have pubsub communicate with the peers since it is enabled. That would allow crosstalk or “inter process communication” :pray: that and a flux capacitor with 1.21 Gigawatts… :sunglasses:

It might be related to the fact that WebRTC only works if you are publicly dialable (not behind NAT/firewall).

In such cases, it’s common to use WebSockets and a relay server. See this guide: Create a simple chat app | IPFS Docs for more information on how to do this.