Unable to retrieve the IPFS document

I’m a new user (Not a techie). I installed IPFS and able to add one document and retrieve from multiple systems. But after that i’m able to add multiple documents but unable to access / retrieve those documents other than the first document.

I’m aware of PIN command and did all proper. But i’m really confused when first document is opening why not other documents can open when the process followed is same for all.

Please help me to overcome this issue.

Second i would like to know how i can create a private network of only two machines in IPFS.

There is a regression in go-ipfs 0.4.20. That’s a bug, see: https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/issues/6254

It is now fixed but 0.4.21 is yet to be released. You should either build from master, downgrade to 0.4.19 or add files one at a time.

Following link i’m unable to open from yesterday despite it was added successfully and pinned. Can you help me why.

Add one at a time means, should i unpin the earlier document? How should i remove the earlier one?


I mean don’t use this syntax:

$ ipfs add a.txt b.txt

… but this one:

$ ipfs add a.txt 
$ ipfs add b.txt

You should have a look at IPFS-cluster to achieve that. I’m not a user of this, so I’m not the best qualified to give you more insights…

Thanks Akita.

I added documents one at a time only. First time it worked as per the expectation.
however the second time or thereafter added files (one at a time) were though added (as per system confirmation) but unable to use the hash link to retrieve.

But still continue to access / retrieve the very first added file.
Anyway if didn’t work will downgrade to earlier version and will check