UNABLE to see ipfs peers

getting this error:

:: GNU nano 7.2 /home/akhauriaaditi/.ipfs-cluster/service.json
“cluster”: {
“peername”: “ipfs-private-network-1…”“,
“secret”: “secret”,
“leave_on_shutdown”: false,
“listen_multiaddress”: [
“announce_multiaddress”: null,
“no_announce_multiaddress”: null,
“enable_relay_hop”: true,
“connection_manager”: {
“high_water”: 400,
“low_water”: 100,
“grace_period”: “2m0s”
“dial_peer_timeout”: “3s”,
“state_sync_interval”: “5m0s”,
“pin_recover_interval”: “12m0s”,
“replication_factor_min”: -1,
“replication_factor_max”: -1,
“monitor_ping_interval”: “15s”,
“peer_watch_interval”: “5s”,
“mdns_interval”: “10s”,
“pin_only_on_trusted_peers”: false,
“pin_only_on_untrusted_peers”: false,
“disable_repinning”: true,
“peer_addresses”: [”/ip4/IP/tcp/9096/p2p/12D…“”,>
“consensus”: {
“crdt”: {
“cluster_name”: “ipfs-cluster”,
“trusted_peers”: [
^^^ this is my bootstrap node’s json

ipfs-cluster-ctl --host /ip4/ peers ls
2024-03-18T09:18:10.699Z ERROR apiclient client/lbclient.go:106 reached maximum number of retries without success, retries: 1
An error occurred:
Code: 0
Message: Get “”: dial tcp i/o timeout