Unsupported path namespace: ipld

When publishing to kubo using the new client/rpc I must publish a path, not just a Cid.string. Before I used to “just” publish the cid-string using go-ipfs-api, but now Im trying to use the new RPC client. I can add /ipld/baFUUBAR, and I can access the data in a structured way, eg. ipfs dag get ipld/baFUUBAR/key → “value”.
If I post this to ipns I can still retrieve the value eg.

$ ipfs dag get /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dmaq6vuolkq853pegj6hs20bihy31mph0nkdrsylslhrfco087x/key

BUT this does not work, when I use the Brave Browser. It yields the error:

failed to resolve /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dmaq6vuolkq853pegj6hs20bihy31mph0nkdrsylslhrfco087x/: unsupported path namespace: ipld

Is this a bug I should report or just me that’s missed some point?