Usecases for IPFS

Hi! Does somebody know about a already existing non-technical, business-oriented list of use cases for IPFS, that could serve as an intro to new customers?

I know there is an ungoing endeavor to make documents tailored for specific use cases and class or users (“personae”) (not ready yet) :

The personae they will tackle first are here:

Then there is the “What do you want to do with IPFS?” section of

But both are applied docs and likely won’t provide a high-level overview “as seen from space”.

Since the technology is very versatile and promising, but the ecosystem is still young, the currently ready use-cases use cases and future use-cases will be very different. Which one are you looking for?

Interesting, but still way too technical. Let me just “flip” the question a bit: So from “What do you want to do with IPFS?”, we change to “What do you want to do?” – “Here comes IPFS to solve your problem!”

So you have to find the question, that can be answered with the answer “IPFS”

@lyrx You can check out the possible list of use-cases discussed here:

You mean here:"applications+of+ipfs"

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Hi @lyrx – you bring up a very interesting point, so thank you! As @Akita kindly brought up, the IPFS docs team (see intro materials in the readme at is working through a variety of efforts to improve documentation this quarter and next, and one of them included putting together the first draft of user personae earlier this month. We intend to use those personae to help evaluate and prioritize documentation materials to create or improve as our docs efforts continue.

Due to internal team and contributor bandwidth, we’re currently focused on addressing the needs of developer users, but the aim is to widen that net as bandwidth permits — particularly in terms of “case study” style illustrations of how IPFS can fit within overall architectures for common use cases. We’ve been conducting a lot of user interviews this quarter, and through those have definitely identified a missing space for mid-level explainers on how IPFS can solve goal-based problems — written at a level of technical detail suitable for people who aren’t so much in the weeds, but are doing higher-level architectural specification work. This is high on the list of materials to tackle … and, of course, if you’re interested in being a contributor to this effort, you are more than welcome! Thanks again.

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