Using badgerds on Android

Hey there,

we’re using go-ipfs on Android (0.4.21) and have been using flatfs so far. I’m trying to get badgerds to work, either going the conversion route or the initial one through init --profile=badgerds. However, initializing badger errors out for me, when badger tries to acquire the directory lock (
I tried this both on the external and the internal storage, also made sure that permissions on the folder (and its root) are 777.

Following is the output from ipfs init --profile=badgerds:

initializing IPFS node at /data/user/0/<myApp>/files/ipfs/repo
generating 2048-bit RSA keypair...done
peer identity: xzy
Error: Cannot acquire directory lock on "/data/user/0/<myApp>/files/ipfs/repo/badgerds".  Another process is using this Badger database.: permission denied

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.