View seed-leech ratio

A file on ipfs dies if no one is a provider for that file. How can I see how well a file is “living” on ipfs? E.g:

  1. What’s the seed-leech ratio?
  2. Is there a centralized entity like the Internet Archive that seeds this file?
  1. For the “seed” part, you can discover the peers that are providing a CID to the DHT using the command
ipfs dht findprovs QmVAvbnR2M7jTPfU3fQK12VfYPYqcGJpP9DofjZ4aKRVkN

This command will return the peerids of the CID providers (note that the number of returned providers is capped at 20).

There is currently no good method to track leechers.

  1. If you know the peerid(s) used by a centralized entity, you can verify if this peerid is among the providers of the CIDs you are interested in.