WebUI not working after adding data to private cluster

So I’ve come across a weird situation where my private cluster was empty, The only operations we used were just adding small test files to watch how they were distributed. During this time the webui for each node continued to work as usual.

However, after adding a heavier load ~ 10GB of data to the private cluster using ips-cluster-ctl, the webui stopped working for each node. Good news is that the gateways still work but this seems like a weird bug.

I did come across a post here which accurately describes the current and now defunct webui behavior; it just hangs in the browser.

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It might be worth reporting the issue here: Issues · ipfs/ipfs-webui · GitHub

Unfortunately I haven’t played with clusters so I don’t have hands-on experience here, but the WebUI is typically reliable from my experience, even with lots of data :thinking:.

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