What is the "Data" in object?

I know this awesome project a month ago. I am so excited to run a node on my pc and learning IPFS by practice the relative commands in the document.But I have a few questions about object in IPFS.
When i run a command like "./ipfs object get Qm******P --encoding=json ", console will return a json object which contains “links” and “data” just like this:
“Links”: [
“Name”: “name1”,
“Hash”: “Qm************hash1***************3Nn”,
“Size”: 4
“Name”: “name2”,
“Hash”: “Qm************hash2***************qvgJDc”,
“Size”: 60
“Data”: "\b\u0001****** "
I knew that the “links” are link informations of data blocks,But what is the “data” means ? I cant find any useful information in google about that. would you please tell me what the “Data” is or what it’s use for? Thank You!

The comment from Taras on this article suggests that the \u0008\u0001 in an object’s data is coming from unixfs.pb.go. \u0008\u0001 would indicate that an object is a directory, \u0008\u0002 would be file data, etc.


Thank you!@leerspace ,this is helpful for me.:bowing_man: