Where can I find documentation for ipfs config file?

I’m looking for an explanation of various items in the config file.

Addresses.Swarm and AutoNAT in particular.

Looking for alternatives to setting up a private cluster of IPFS nodes.

IPFS Cluster is more about pinning and content synchronization, which implies all participating nodes in the ifps cluster must have the same storage capacity.

IPFS Cluster will play a role for content backup, but not so much for delivery.

Hey Thomas,

You can find the documentation for the Kubo config file here: kubo/config.md at master · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

I don’t think there are many benefits to separating backup nodes from delivery nodes.

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Thank you for that link.

The primary benefit is that the delivered to nodes don’t have to have as much storage space as the publisher. The point of an ipfs cluster is to keep all nodes synced to a common pinset. That is perfect for the publisher & backup, but the subscriber nodes will have smaller storage space and will not be fully synced with all publisher files.