Where `DNS.Resolvers` is used?

I found that Kubo supports DNS resolution via DoH but I’m failing to understand how to query it exactly.

Support for vitalik.eth.ipns.localhost:8080 works even if I omit "DNS.Resolvers", because from what I understand DNSLink is used.

What is "DNS.Resolvers" then for? Does it start a local DNS server to resolve “.eth” entries? If so, how can I connect to it?

Context: kubo/docs/config.md at master · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

nevermind i’m dumb

DNS.Resolvers is used during DNSLink lookup

does this help? Default config is “ICANN”/classic DNS-only, but this allows additional non-ICANN namespaces. It’s not thoroughly documented because not that many people use it, but maybe a docs PR is in order if dapps are using it out there in the wild and having to muddle through the config?