Where is data about DHT stored?

Hello! It may be a basic question.
I understand that we can store the data to IPFS via IPFS add command and then update the DHT . First of all, I’m curious if this is correct.

Is information about DHT being stored in the .ipfs directory?
I’m currently using the default configuration, so I’m using flatfs for the datastore.
I understand that the data is stored in .ipfs/blocks directory , but is the DHT data also stored in .ipfs/blocks?

Thank you.

Many computer running the same algorithm, together form a DHT. A DHT is a higher level abstraction. Some DHT data is stored locally but that’s not the point.

The DHT store PeerIds, CIDs and Muti-addresses and local blockstores store the actual data.

Thanks for comments.
However, I still have additional questions.

  1. Does the DHT always exists in memory? Aren’t you storing any data in storage?
  2. If IPFS daemon turn off and on (i.e., restart), does all previous DHT information disappear?