Where is the bootstrap list?

Where can we find the default list of bootstrap nodes for IPFS/libp2p?

Besides, is this list considered a centralized feature of IPFS? If so, is there any effort being made today to get rid of this centralization?

Thank you for your help.

In your user’s directory you’ll find ‘.ipfs’ directory, see the ‘config’ file there, entries called “Bootstrap”

More info here: https://docs.ipfs.io/guides/examples/bootstrap/

I have seen this webpage but I assumed it is outdated because it still uses the /ipfs/ scheme for multiaddrs instead of /p2p/.

/ipfs/ and /p2p are equivalent, but yeah, I just submitted a PR.

There are actually two authoritative places I know of for bootstrap peers lists (in Go-land):

@hector Thanks, Hector. But if I have a Private network with my own swarm.key and my private Bootstrap list. May I build my own .dmg & .exe client with my private bootstrap list and impoer swarm.key to that build ?