Which solutions are used by dApps in production, where IPFS storage is critical?


I’d be very interested to know which solutions are used by major known dApps in production, where IPFS storage is critical.

I see a lot of articles on “how to publish to IPFS and read from IPFS”, “how to install your own IPFS” but so far I didn’t see at least one which explains clearly a solution suitable for production, in a situation where the files uploaded on IPFS are critical.

My feeling is that people generally just use Infura without wondering too much about critical questions such as: what happens if Infura goes out of business, decides to stop IPFS, loses part or all data, decides one day to require a paid API key with a high fee based on total volume hosted?

This concern is shared by some of you hosting their own IPFS servers, and again there are 2 categories of people: those who “just install it and make it work”, without thinking too much for instance by exposing the API to the outside, and a very few other people making it more or less right (see my other thread on API exposure: API exposure in order to allow add*)

Are there some developers / sysops here that can explain to me how they safely use IFPS in production as a critical part? I’m talking about storing primary data on IPFS and nowhere else, about immutable hashes in smart contracts, …

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Most people use Infura, even for connecting with the ethereum blockchain which is less than desirable as it greatly reduces decentralization, and makes it easier to attack end users. I don’t think you can safely expose the API directly because it has very little authentication and authorization controls in place. You can use nginx as a reverse proxy, but afaik without any other kind of additional protection measures you can’t whitelist certain people to use certain functions. IMO you’re better off wrapping the API so you can control authentication and authorization in a more robust manner.

My company and I run an open source project called Temporal with a web interface and an API. It’s basically Infura but open source with more functionality, and full transparency.

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