Who assures the security of IPFS

who is liable for a breach at IPFS?

Hi @divya

Your question is not really clear, you really have to define what you mean by IPFS here, what you mean with security and what type of breach you are talking about.

Here is a good place to figure out what you mean by security:

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@nothingismagick … Thanks for ur response …

http://latacora.singles/2018/04/03/cryptographic-right-answers.html4 – found this useful

consider a private IPFS network of three nodes. If one node fails/ crashes, as it is a distributed n/work. we do have an option to retrieve data from other two nodes if the hash is known. In worst case, what if the other two nodes also fails?

what are the possible data recovery options in IPFS?

What you are describing is not a security issue. It is a replication issue. I will still try to answer your question though. If you are running a private cluster, I would have to assume that you have direct, local access to one of the nodes - or at least ssh access to one of them. Right?

IPFS is first and foremost a transport mechanism for existing files with lots of really awesome bells and whistles. If you have full replication on all three of your private nodes, the files are to be found on the local storage on each of the respective devices.

Let me try to give you an example:
You have a file on your computer that is a picture of a cat that you took with your camera and it is called cat.jpg. Two of your friends want to have this picture, but you don’t trust facebook or gmail with this picture because it is so cute and you don’t want to break the internet. :slight_smile:
So you put cat.jpg on a brand new USB stick, put it in an envelope with the address of your first friend. You repeat the process with the address of your second friend. And you put postage stamps on both of the envelopes. So here is what could happen:

  1. The letter gets lost twice. (IPFS crashed on your machine) You still have the picture of the cat on your computer.
  2. Both friends get the letter and save the image. (IPFS worked.)
  3. One of your friends didn’t get the image. (IPFS broke for them.) They send a letter to both you and the other friend asking for the USB stick. You and your other friend both send new USB sticks.

Does that kind of answer your question?

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