Wish List for future IPNS versions

Right now dealing with IPNS records is not very flexible, here’s what I would like.

A way to store keys in a hardware wallet. They used could be securing very important data. As far as I know records only need to be signed. Having the private key external to IPFS would allow signing any data. The public key and the signature could be verifiably associated to it’s IPNS name.

Being able to subscribe to a IPNS name and get real time update when using IPNS via PubSub.

Also this! and remove records expiration. Just use a CRDT instead.

Lastly, adding documentation on how IPNS works not just how to use it.

What do you think?

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+1 to securing keys. Hardware wallet, HSM, etc I’ve mentioned that before IPFS and PKCS11

I was wondering if they could be stored using PKCS and then use either a real hardware HSM, SoftHSM or they can even be stored in a TPM. I think it would be great if you could store the peer key in a TPM and IPNS keys in a usb based hardware HSM.