IPNS questions - dynamic NFTs

I’m trying to understand if it would be possible to use IPNS to enable dynamic NFTs for sound.xyz.

Am I correct in understanding that only the owner of the public key that is hashed to produce the IPNS name can publish to it?

If so, I’m wondering if it would be possible to host a service where NFT contract owners (in our case, musicians) can sign a message with their wallet and that signature would authorize publishing updates to their IPNS name.

Any help would be much appreciated!

You are correct.

The problem I see is that NFTs can change hands IPNS not so much.

What would happen when someone sell their NFT the new owner would not be able to change the IPNS record.

Updating IPNS to allow any kind of crypto-signature is something I really want too.

Oh I meant the owner of the contract, not the token. eg: only the artist can change the art or music

The thing I don’t understand about IPNS publishing is where the private key verification happens. The documentation makes it seem like anyone can publish from the daemon without signing anything.

Ah that make sense!

The keys are store in the IPFS node, signing happen when updating the IPNS address and it’s verified when resolved.

Having the keys in a hardware wallet would increase security and manageability. Only downside is you can’t automate the signing.