Would it be possible to sell and buy things on IPFS? Something like a marketplace on IPFS?

Would it be possible to sell and buy things on IPFS? Something like a marketplace on IPFS?


  1. I would like to buy and sell open data within IPFS
  2. Imagine this like Airtable, Nocodb etc - where we have data and we can sell, share
  3. The open data movement allows anyone to verify certain data, and with that to sell, share, inspect, etc.

Sure, why not?
If the UI is static, I don’t think there is any problem in using IPFS for marketplace. Using IPNS, that can be more flexible.
But the challenge will be during payment processing. That we have to do out of IPFS or in other offline means.


IPFS mainly solves the problem of decentralised storage. While it’s certainly possible to build a marketplace on top of IPFS, you will have to combine IPFS with other technologies to handle payments.

Another challenge that you might face is that technically all data on IPFS is public (as long as the nodes hosting the CIDs are publicly reachable). This will make it hard to monetise data unless you encrypt it before adding it to IPFS and essentially selling the decryption key.

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@danieln @Galactus thank you very much for the feedback

Hi! Please! I was thinking of something incredible, see this proposal here: Open Street Map on IPFS - #7 by naren62905

OpenBazaar has been doing that for years. A decentralized marketplace with decentralized payment thanks to crypto.
The OpenBazaar repo is unmaintained since 2020 but has been forked by Mobazha

Expect a UI like this:

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@Akita Hi! How are you? What do you think of this idea?


Hi! @Akita thank you for feedback ;D

Hello naren62905.
Yes, it is possible and such marketplace exist.
Since June, we started the project IPFSBay - Unstoppable marketplace in the IPFS network (https://www.ipfsbay.com)

The marketplace operates over the IPFS network and stores/ retrives key data (Product cards and Databases) in/from the IPFS network. Anyone is allowed to create unlimited amount of Product cards and anyone can start sell or buy within the marketplace.

The marketplace retives the data from the IPFS network via gateways, or js-ipfs and display it within the template.

The marketplace is simple, so no payment methods are included, so payment has to be done out of the marketplace. But it’s just the beginning we want to build on.

We welcome anyone who is interested in cooperation, so if you wish to cooperate or participate, just email us.

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