Writable Gateway Specification

According to this conversation, a “comprehensive ingestion endpoint that goes beyond basic UnixFS” is needed for describing gateway writability.
What’s the status / direction of this issue?

There are so many different ways to accomplish this.
One such way, that would in theory be super applicable, is through WebDAV support. You can read all about that on my blog post IPFS over WebDAV | IPFS Blog & News feel very free to leave feedback!

There are many other different ways of accomplishing similar results.

Another lurking problem in “writable gateways” is how to handle permissions. For example, surely you don’t want every user from this forum using your gateway as their storage for multi-gigabyte-cat-videos, right :wink: So there needs to be a form of a permission model that allows “you” to add files, but not “the world”.

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@markg85 honestly cat videos doesn’t sound bad

I saw the article earlier, now read through it and the comments.
It looks an interesting idea in establishing an IPFS norm.

Though I divert the topic: I’m focusing on a bare-bones gateway checker (foreign gateways) and I just want to detect it correctly. The convo gave impression that the method is potentially discouraged in far sight. I’m specifically looking at out-of-the-box access, ideally catch all cases and not be broken by implementations, iterations, or instances (compliant).
This is what I mean to ask proper, likely depends on a consensus by PLabs.
Thanks for the response