1 meg block limit

When I add a file to an IPFS directory, I get a message that my block size exceeds one meg. Would someone explain? The file was added to IPFS just fine in an earlier step. I’ve hidden the IP address of my server.

# Add the file to the IPFS directory
DIR_RESPONSE=$(curl -s -X POST "http://x.x.x.x:5001/api/v0/object/patch/add-link?arg=$DIR_CID&arg=$FILENAME&arg=$FILE_CID")
NEW_DIR_CID=$(echo "$DIR_RESPONSE" | jq -r .Hash)

if [ "$NEW_DIR_CID" = "null" ]; then
    echo "Failed to add $FILENAME to IPFS directory. Response: $DIR_RESPONSE"
    exit 1

you would need to create a HAMT directory object, you can use ipfs files which use the MFS and ipfs files cp /ipfs/Qmfoo /path-in-dir to do that.