Uploading a directory with 10000 JSON files

Hey there,

I have a problem uploading 10000 json files as part of an NFT project. I used installed IPFS and used the cmd command:

ipfs add -r --cid-version=1 “pathToDirectory”

In the CMD were no errors shown, yet when I try to see the uploaded JSON file for example


it won’t load. Only a couple of JSONs do load. Did I do something wrong or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance

I bet your IPFS node isn’t running.

Add on IPFS doesn’t upload stuff to the IPFS network because the IPFS network don’t host your files, it share them.

If no node hosting your content is running (ipfs daemon running = IPFS node running) the file is not available on the network.

Note you also need an open nat so others can contact you.