Disappearing ipfs metadata, images and json files

Hi, im new to ipfs and have used an Api key to upload my collection images and json files to ipfs via Nftport.xyz using VScode.
After uoading successfully i then had a new folder appear in my vscode build folder with the ipfs metadata json files.
Then i created an erc1155 contract succesfully and attempted to mint via VScode and Nftport but only recieved 400 and 429 errors so nothing was minted.
Then strangely my ipfs metadata folder disappeared, but also my images and json files in the build folder were 10000 and 10001 but are now both only containing 72 images and json files each. I have a copy of both images and original json files but i dont have a copy of the ipfs metadata files. Can anyone help with :
Why did my files disappear.
Why am i getting the 400 and 429 errors even 429 on first minting attempt
Is it possible to refetch / download my Ipfs metadata files again.
Can i reupload my json files using the same Api to have the ipfs metadata download again ?
Sorry its a long post, any assistance appreciated, thanks.