A request for Protocol Labs' funding needs your opinion

A project submitted a Developer Grant Request to protocol labs here: Open Grant Proposal: GIRAF - IPFS based legislation system · Issue #273 · ipfs/devgrants · GitHub

In my opinion, its description surely should spark some debate, and I expressed my opinion in the link above.

I encourage you to do the same whatever yours is before the decision to fund it or not is made, as I feel it is important.

I won’t write more about it so you can have your own independent thoughts on the matter.

From the proposal:

It can be argued that the practice of buying and selling laws, also
known as lobbying, is a global norm that is generally accepted and
serves as an important tool for creating consensus in society. This in
turn can lead to economic well-being, as seen in the United States
with its well-established lobbying practices.

What the hell are they smoking?

Hash. Just not the kind the rest of Web3 consumes.