Address IPNS content on ENS?

I’ve been setting up a website, and by the time to add it to my ENS domain I realize that it can only address to IPFS files. Is there a way to change this and address it to the IPNS published name?

@Lakatoi, I happened to be browsing the ENS contenthash EIP, noticed multicodecs has an entry for IPNS, and remembered your question.

Theoretically, an IPNS entry is possible by resolving a name to a contenthash with a storage system id (first byte) of 0xe5. You’d have to do it programatically since it doesn’t look like the ENS configuration interface supports IPNS.

The question is whether whatever you’re using to resolve the name after you create it will grok the IPNS entry and do the additional resolution necessary to present IPFS content.

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