Akasha: switching ipfs versions a problem?

I know Akasha is still alpha, so this might be a non-issue in a year or so. But Akasha doesn’t have its own in-app node. It comes with an ipfs binary, but that binary uses the primary node’s data directory at ~/.ipfs. So the user has to stop a running ipfs daemon, run by /usr/local/bin/ipfs, before launching Akasha. The app then calls its own ipfs binary at ~/Library/Application\ Support/AKASHA/ipfs, and relaunches the daemon in the background. However, Akasha’s ipfs version is at 0.4.6. My question is now, if switching back & forth from 0.4.6 to the latest ipfs version (currently 0.4.10) poses any problems. Secondary question: would it be safe to just substitute the Akasha-ipfs for the latest version?

EDIT: so I just did that, exchanged Akasha’s 0.4.6 version of ipfs for v0.4.10, and it seems to run fine. (For now.)

ipfs-connector (the wrapper that Akasha use) check the version of the binary, so your binary probably got overwritten.

Are you sure it use the ~/.ipfs directory as a repository ? I thought it used a custom one. In any case, there is code in ipfs-connector to use another directory so it should be easy to fix.

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Thank you. The thing is I had to select the ipfs data directory after first launch/sync, so I just selected the only one on my system, i.e. the main node’s ~/.ipfs.

ipfs-connector doesn’t seem to overwrite: I just checked, and the ipfs programs are still the way I left them:

/usr/local/bin/ipfs --version
ipfs version 0.4.10

 ~/Library/Application\ Support/AKASHA/ipfs --version
ipfs version 0.4.10

 ~/Library/Application\ Support/AKASHA/ipfs-original --version
ipfs version 0.4.6

Still, Akasha having its own node would probably be better.

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Tried to switch ipfs directories now, and received an ipfs daemon start error; it seems that Akasha needs the actual ipfs data directory, not some random new dir in AppSupport. Akasha did try to fill that new directory with ipfs-related files, but it wasn’t enough for it to be able to start the daemon. Will revert to default main node directory.