How akaha store file

Hi, i’m interested about this project
They are use ipfs and ethereum. Maybe someone know where the posts file is storing? On ethereum or ipfs?

I’m not intimately familiar with their code base, but all of the code is on github at They wrote a utility called ipfs-connector to handle interacting with IPFS. See

I read ipfs connector code before, and didn’t find anything with storing data on ipfs
I’m interesting about users post
I think it’s expensive to store it on ethereum

I’m not sure if the akasha developers hang out on this forum. I recommend reaching out to them directly if nobody chimes in here with info.

I think AKASHA uses the default ipfs config, and stores the ipfs data at ~/.ipfs. However, it comes with its own ipfs executable, so people who haven’t installed ipfs can use it too. But if your normal ipfs daemon is running, you have to shut it down first, and then launch AKASHA. I already wrote to them that they should either find a way to “hop onto” an already running daemon, or implement a built-in node just for AKASHA. At any rate, it should be built-in, not as an external ipfs-connector.

I think the content is stored on the IPFS, and it’s validated by (and paid for on) the blockchain.

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