All our sites are now IPFS. A lot of issues using

Hi! We’ve recently transitioned all our dApps to IPFS. To ensure easy access and transparency, we’re hosting the links on trusted domains. Here are a few examples for your reference:
...and more

However, we’ve encountered a recurring issue. Some individuals, not favoring PulseChain, have been reporting our sites as abusive. This leads to temporary blocks, causing a flurry of support requests and social media disputes. It’s frustrating, as it restricts access to our legitimate sites and resolving these false claims consumes valuable time.

I’m reaching out to inquire if there’s an established mechanism, perhaps an allowlist of hashes, that can safeguard our legitimate IPFS sites hosted on gateways from such attacks. Given that these hashes are already on trusted domains, such a solution would be greatly beneficial.

Additionally, we’ve observed that numerous firewalls, country-specific restrictions, and antivirus programs tend to block proxies by default. This often results in users encountering TLS errors and receiving warnings about our sites being potentially unsafe. Although this is a more complex challenge, any insights or advice on how to navigate this issue would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for your help!

This is what I am talking about. We’ve published the IPFS hash on an official site, but attackers report. How is IPFS / and other proxies supporting censorship resistance, it seems like it makes censoring or attacking legitimate sites easier.

I’m hoping there are some people here from Protocol Labs that can assist. It’s nearly impossible to contact anyone there. I’ve even tried calling the main phone number.

I realize the IPFS protocol is censorship resistance, but the reality is, users generally, cannot access IPFS directly and require proxies. These users and people are everyday, non-technical users, who just want to access web sites or content.

Proxies are somewhat of a solution but then get blocked. A trusted allow list of hashes would (opposite of the block list that is currently maintained for abuse reports) would solve some of these challenges.


I have unblocked the latest CIDk linked from

The content team said they are lgoing to pay more attention but given the amount of requests they deal with it may be difficult. That said, the gateway is a public centralized gateway. It helps decentralization and your problems more if you setup a separate http gateway to serve this content.

The IPFS Shipyard team offers consulting services and can probably help there too: What we do.

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Thank you. Appreciate the assistance!