Status of public gateways operated by Protocol Labs

Is retired? Or is there any work performing on it,, and I have been getting 503 from and sporadic 503 from the rest for the last few days.

I’m a novice, so I can only speak from my own short experience.

  • Did you try
  • If you’re hosting on your own node, did you open your ports?
  • Did you pin all the files?
  • If you only have one node, does it have stable internet?
  • Do you have many files within the same directory? (Apparently more than 1000 per folder will slow things down)

Others, feel free to point out if some of these things are irrelevant.


the team is aware of the sporadic 503 errors and investigating the cause. Otherwise everything’s fine.


Great thanks Hector. I have been trying to find a status page but to no avail. I am going to bookmark it down. Thanks again.