Dweb.link answering HTTP 503

The dweb.link HTTP gateway these days is giving 503 error codes (service unavailable) very very often (pretty much always), regardless of the object asked.

I see now on the public gateway checker that dweb.link is out. Is this service being removed ?

I had the same problems yesterday but it works fine since

Hello @reload,

Thank you for reporting this. There are no current plans for removing dweb.link.

When you report these sort of outages, it would be very useful for us to have additional information to be able to narrow down the problem. Specifically, if you could provide the X-IPFS-POP and X-IPFS-LB-POP headers of the error reply it would help us figure out which hosts are having problems.

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Hello again @reload,

Are you in Europe? We had some trouble over the weekend with a couple of our gateways there, which are now fixed.

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Hi @mcamou,

Thank you for the update ! Yes i’m in Europe.

This isn’t the first time i’ve been getting the 503 errors, but it used to be intermittent and refreshing the page would ultimately work, so i thought this gateway is sometimes overloaded, no worries … but the last 3 or 4 days, nothing was going through. Didn’t know about those headers, thanks. I get a few 504 (gateway timeout) sometimes but this is probably normal.

Now it’s all back to normal ! And i see it shows up as online in the ipfs gateway checker interface. By the way this content (example) is pinned remotely via web3.storage, stuff pinned on web3.storage should load fast via the dweb.link gateway, right ?

Thanks again, keep it up, it’s a great service.