IPFS response status 451


I’m getting 451 status error when embed ipfs link to my site. What should i do?


This probably means the gateway blocked the content you’re trying to link to due to it violating copyright. This is very likely if the content is something like a movie.

I removed that hash but other link still get same error from my site. I think gateway blocked my site via check referer.

Which gateway are you using?

gateway.ipfs.io vs dweb.link

some one can help me resolve this issues?

well, what is your site?

site is godx.stream. i’m running private video player so if you can’t access to directly. did you have contact like email or else?

what is the ipfs link that gives 451?

this link: https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVDRiUUrVYATnhcP9pYkASB4iujQcUAftB9A6gn8V1ZEi/master.txt
if i embed that URLs to player in godx.stream, it will give error 451 header status. if access directly or embed not my site, the URLs work normal.

The response code is sent by a web server. If your gateway has an upstream server, it also can send this answer. Maybe, your domain is blacklisted by your upstream provider?

451 header status from gateway.ipfs.io vs dweb.link. if i add <meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer"> to <head> tag in my player video then it will play video from IPFS url is normal. because not have referrer from my site to gateway.ipfs.io or dweb.link

The URL stream video is testing demo.
Without meta no-referer: https://godx.stream/test_ipfs.html
With meta no-referer: https://godx.stream/test_ipfs_meta.html

Hey @jazz1611 - are you one of the creators/maintainers of godx? We were seeing some concerning traffic from this site to our gateway, which is really a community resource we run to help new IPFS developers bridge to their users on web2 as they get up and running. It isn’t intended as a way for large video distribution sites to get free bandwidth - we’d love to work with you to IPFS-enable your site directly instead! Can you shoot me an email and we can figure out how to ipfs-power godx in a scalable way?

@molly i sent email to you. please check it. thank you!