# Any way to access local daemon (IPFS-Desktop on Windows) MFS files mtime using JS?

ipfs-http-client doesn’t work but apparently ipfs-core does as pointed here:
Ipfs-http-client does not seem to add mode and mtime

Is it possible to access local server MFS with ipfs-core??

ipfs-core ‘repo.stat()’ correctly points to the IPFS-Desktop repo but can’t find any files via ipfs.files.ls as ipfs-http-client does.

Can ipfs-core access local server MFS?


Mode and mtime aren’t supported in any implementation. There’s a bounty for adding it and it seems like it’s close to being completed but it’s been hanging at 99% complete for a while.

bummer… what’s keeping it? Kind of depressing to see open-source projects like this have this kind of basic functionality missing :frowning:
Wonder if the startups using ipfs don’t care about this or just didn’t contributed to the project :-\

I think just that the person who worked on it doesn’t have much time. You can track it at [BOUNTY] Implement UnixFSv1.5 in go-ipfs · Issue #6920 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

yeah…I have to check how this “bountys” work. Quite sure lot’s people would help financially to incentivese development. I guess gitcoin is trying to do that but I’ve been lazy getting the grips with all these new micropayments or crypto coins systems. Well…it’s 99% there at least :slight_smile: