Bandwidth Usage Explanation

Is there some info that explains network traffic on IPFS? It seems to use a lot of bandwidth.


Here’s the environment settings for my docker GO-IPFS:

            # Notes: 
            #    Enabling the "lowpower" profile should help. That will disable background data reproviding, set really 
            #    low connection manager limits, and put your node into dhtclient mode.
            routing: "dhtclient" 
            IPFS_PROFILE: "server"

As you can see I set “server” profile myself but apparently “lowpower” is the profile for least resource consumption.

Thanks. How do you install go-ipfs? I had a look around, but it’s confusing. Thanks.

I use docker. Here’s my docker-compose file:

That app uses the HTTP API (from Java) to control IPFS, and so the IPFS gateway itself isn’t exposed to the network, but only visible inside the private docker network. I should cleanup some of the comments in that file so I look less dumb. lol.

If you get IPFS Desktop, it comes with a go-ipfs node :slight_smile:. Might be a bit easier to manage.