Best way to build a serverless room using WebRTC?

I’m studying IPFS.
Can I use it for create a node using a generated hash for creating a virtual room where to chat?
I’m seeing the example code for a WebRTC chat: GitHub - cjb/serverless-webrtc: A demo of using WebRTC with no signaling server.

But I admit it: for me at first glance is not really clear.
Can I create an hash as a reference for creating a WebRTC chat, wherefrom this hash you can take the rtc addresses of online users?

Yes, there are probably more direct solutions to get the same result but I’m just a noob about this.

My intent, to be honest, is not create a chat, but a dynamic directory where can I divide the content, for example, for the initial letters for distributing the content. But basically, I would understand if I can use ipfs for making it totally serverless and at the same time use it for retrieving RTC addresses of active peers.

Thank you!

I just found this article: Create a simple chat app | IPFS Docs

Practically the repo is the way to set the “domain” of a “room”?

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