Best way to create a private ipfs network and access it from Node.js server

Hi everyone, I’m sorry in advance if this question has submitted much times but I can’t understand which is the right way to to achieve my purpose. My task is to create a private ipfs network between 3 different ubuntu machines hosted on amazon aws, and save on it (also retrieve) documents through a node.js serves who isn’t on amazon aws, so it is on a completely different network. Could you suggest me which is the best way to do that? I mean if it’s better a simply private ipfs network or a private ipfs cluster.

You would have to run an ipfs daemon on all four nodes (the four on AWS and the one on somewhere else).
Next, create a swarm key and distribute it on all four nodes (using scp). Now you need to have at least one of the nodes (probably one of the ones on AWS) with a static IP or at least assign a DNS name. This will be your bootstrap node. For all nodes, delete all public bootstrap nodes, and add the node with the static IP or DNS as a bootstrap node. For the AWS nodes, you will have to make sure that port 4001 is open. And that’s it. The nodes should now find each other. Check with ipfs swarm peers.

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