[Solved] Private IPFS : how to access it online?

Hi, I want to create a non local private IPFS available for the node with the same swarm.key .
I tried to create it on an Amazon EC2 ubuntu server.

I followed lots of tutorial and discussions about this (Example)

I successfully created a local private ipfs where I can see connected peers and get files.
But When I try to access it using another network It doesn’t works even if I set the gateway and the API to
The ipfs swarm peers result is empty.

Does anyone know how to put a private ipfs accessible from outside the local network ?

EDIT : The connexion problem was due the IP change at the restart of the server, to correct it I attributed an elastic IP to my amazon server.

Not a specialist. But could it be a firewall/NAT/protocol filtering/port filtering rather than an IPFS problem?

I understand you are trying to start an ipfs daemon outside the network where your private swarm exists, and you want it to connect to that swarm but swarm peers in the daemon gives you an empty list?

In that case, you need to set custom bootstrappers in the configuration so that new daemon knows how to discover the rest, or connect from the rest to the new daemon. You may need to open firewall ports or somehow provide an IP:port where at least one of the other peers is reachable.

You should not open up the gateway or the API listen addresses. These do not have anything to do with the swarm and anyone with access could pretty much obtain all the files in your private network without knowing the secret, by simpling querying the APIs.

Thanks for your responses, I did my test on a AWS amazon ubuntu server.

Thanks to you I rechecked my server parameters and I found the problem…
At every restart the IP changes, I fixed it by allocating an ellastix IP.

Concerning my personnal computer (where I tried to create also a private ipfs), according to you remark it should be a problem with firewall and/or filtering port.

Have a nice day !