Bitswap in private network

Dev envs
OS : macOS 10.15.4
Docker Engine : 19.03.8
Go : 1.13.12
go-ipfs : 0.6.0-rc6

I constructed private network in one host using go-ipfs docker image.
Five docker containers are connected and I can use “ipfs add”, “ipfs get”, … etc.

But I think Bitswap protocol is not working right way.
When I connected to public ipfs network, data blocks were automatically sent to and received from network. I can check this through webui or ipfs bitswap command. But in case of private one, I couldnt see the blocks sent or received except for what I manually ipfs add or ipfs get.

This is docker run command I used it.
docker run -d --name ipfs-node1 -v /Users/ckh/.ipfs/node1/ipfs-docker-staging:/export -v /Users/ckh/.ipfs-docker/node1/ipfs-docker-data:/data/ipfs -p 8081:8080 -p 4001:4001 -p 5001:5001 ipfs/go-ipfs:latest

And I rarely changed my config file except for this section.
스크린샷 2020-06-15 오후 3.59.15

Please give me some advice to solve this problem.