Blocked CID 410 gone

I have pinned some files using Usually these files are then available on however I have one which is returning a 410 gone error. I am wondering whether it got mistakenly flagged as spam and taken down. Is there somewhere I can reach out to get it unblocked?

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It looks like itself accepts support through their issue system on Github:

Does the gateway work?

If it’s available on, but blocked by, I’ll see if I can poke someone to investigate.

Yes, seems like it’s available through most public gateways (,, piniata) but not I’ll DM you the CID.

@_chris 410 Gone means that the CID is blocked, usually due to a takedown request. If it was taken down in error, please contact, include the CID and/or URL, and the legal team will investigate and revert as appropriate.

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