Browsing mounted /ipfs directories

I tried the steps as suggested in ipfs-mount manual:

  1. sudo mkdir /ipfs /ipns
  2. sudo chown whoami /ipfs /ipns
  3. ipfs mount # ipfs daemon is already running

After that I can ls into some ipfs directories (and the nested ones), e.g.

$ ls /ipfs/QmYcphgAL8P78a2FPTcFB37iNMmp5QexJwSyt8qXwj3kvm/
data  files  models
$ ls /ipfs/QmYcphgAL8P78a2FPTcFB37iNMmp5QexJwSyt8qXwj3kvm/data                  trn_resized_288.tar.gz
imagenet-sample-train.tar.gz  trn_resized_72.tar.gz

However, I cannot browse the nested directories with nautilus, e.g.

$ nautilus /ipfs/QmYcphgAL8P78a2FPTcFB37iNMmp5QexJwSyt8qXwj3kvm/data/

…will show me /ipfs/QmYcphgAL8P78a2FPTcFB37iNMmp5QexJwSyt8qXwj3kvm/ instead of the data folder in it.

Is there anything I can do to make nautilus works better with ipfs mount points?

FYI, I’m using ipfs version 0.4.10 in Ubuntu 16.04.