Build ipfs code

thanks for ur help. but I ran all the cmds as shown above, I just got three folders

I dont know how to get the complete one like


The ipfs.exe file should be inside the bin folder, you don’t need the other files for IPFS to work.

yeah I built ipfs successfully. I just wonder why there isnt any file like “config”,“LICENSE” so that I dont need to change the code and just do the changes in the config file.

The configuration file is located in C:\Users\<Your Username>\.ipfs\config, or if you set the %IPFS_PATH% variable, at %IPFS_PATH%\config.

The LICENSE and README files are inside src\\ipfs\go-ipfs, but they are unnecessary for IPFS to work.
The build-log file in the distribution shows all log messages that were shown while building. Again, not necessary.
You don’t need to care about, that’s a shell script for installing IPFS. (not 100% sure what it does on Windows, but unnecessary)

Note that all you need to do to ‘install’ the command-line IPFS utility is add the folder with the executable into the %PATH% environment variable, and if you add %GOPATH%\bin, whenever you run go install, you will instantly get that version of IPFS ready to use when you type ipfs.

really appreciate it. but after I run -------------go install -ldflags="-X "".CurrentCommit=XXXXX", I only got ipfs.exe and nothing else…
And is there any help file for source code of ipfs?