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We're excited to share another video in the Building Web3 Video Series (opens new window), an ongoing showcase of technologists, teams, and visionaries who are building valuable tools and services for an ever-growing, ever-changing Web3 world.

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If you like ipfs and think anonymity is good, check out Berty!

Please support your videos on a platform that isn’t so censorious as YT.

There is a “one-click, import channel” tool on Odysee, to help you easily mount your content onto LBRY. Just create a Berty channel first.

The IPFS team should consider this too, I strongly feel.

To be stronger against censorship, use a LBRY client to upload to LBRY /, as use of the client announces to the backend that the content is available to sources in addition to, which Odysee’s integrated webtool does not.

Here is a client without the blacklist:

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