Can findprovs be used cache the result to be used by get?

Running ipfs routing findprovs [CID] -v causes Kubo to use the DHT (or whatever routing system set up in .16) to get a list of nodes that may have the entry corresponding with the CID. If I soon after run ipfs get [CID], will Kubo remember it just queried the DHT and use the results? I suppose if Kubo does not delegate routing and it has been less than Connmgr.GracePeriod seconds since findprovs was run, then Kubo will at least remember a MultiAddress of a peer with a name close to [CID].

Are there any best practices for finding CID’s that will likely be used later? For example in a web browser for something like <link href="[CID]" rel=("dns-prefetch"/"preconnect")>