Clearing IPFS ProvideStore Cache

Hi, I am trying to run some experiments on IPFS that consist of having IPFS nodes resolve CIDS using the DHT. In order to accomplish such I am using the command ipfs dht findprovs.

I need to run each experiment a certain number of times, but the problem is that once I resolve a CID it seems like it goes to some sort of cache and even if I restart the daemon the provider record is still stored somewhere in the node.

I really need to clear that cache. Can you help me, please?

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I really didn’t think anything was being cached there, have you tried your experiment with 0 peers? I’m thinking it’s finding a peer with the CID in question, and connecting to the peer, so subsequent lookups are much faster. You could always nuke the whole IPFS repo in-between each test too.

Yeah, I pretty much nuked the repos.

Since I wanted to use the same repos across the experiments, I pre generated the repos and copied then to the respective container during the experiments, this way just the container’s copy of the repo is changed and I can repeat the same experiments (with the same repos) several times.

Thank you still!!

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