Find provs not working?

Hello everyone, I have a problem. I want to query the nodes that hold a certain CID, but when I use the findprovs command, I get nothing back. The CID contains an accessible HTML page, so in my understanding, findprovs should return some nodes. Can anyone assist me?

How do you know the nodes have the CID? You could try to diagnose certain issues with nodes/CIDs.

are you doing ipfs routing findprovs or ipfs dht findprovs ?

No, I don’t know which nodes have the content, I only know the ‘url’

Thank you for your response. I have only run ipfs dht findprovs

ipfs dht findprovs is the first thing that was created, it queries the Distributed Hash Table.
You should now try ipfs routing findprovs it does network indexer query + Distributed Hash Table.

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Fantastic, that works, I now get 1 result. Does the command ipfs dht findpeer allso work differently?

no results here D:\kubo_v0.19.1_windows-amd64\kubo>ipfs routing findpeer Qma8ddFEQWEU8ijWvdxXm3nxU7oHsRtCykAaVz8WUYhiKn

ipfs routing → HTTP indexer + dht
ipfs dht → dht

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Thank you for your response! However, I’m not entirely sure how to form the query from it.